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How do I cancel a claim

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What can I do if there is a problem with my order?


1.  Contact the seller

If you have any problems with your order (i.e. late delivery, product not as described, etc.), you can contact the seller. Oftentimes the seller will offer a solution.

You can get in touch with the seller by:

  • Chatting online with TradeManager 
  • Sending messages in My AliExpress
  • Email or telephone


2.  Open a dispute / Escalate the dispute

If you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller, you can click the “Open Dispute” button in the Order Detail page. Once you have opened a dispute, you and the seller will have a final chance to negotiate a solution. If you still cannot reach an agreement with the seller, you can escalate the dispute. The AliExpress Case Management Team will then deal with this dispute. 


Dispute tips:

a) Providing evidence

Log in to <http://channel.alibaba.com/complaint> to provide evidence before the due date. If you reach an agreement with the seller, you can also visit this page to submit the terms. AliExpress will process the claim based on your agreement.


b) Gathering evidence

Click here to learn more about gathering evidence tips.



  1.  Make sure the evidence you provide is clear and sufficient to illustrate the problems you mentioned. Otherwise your claim might be rejected.
  2. Please provide evidence in the correct format (i.e. if video is requested, don’t submit pictures).
  3. If you purchased more than one piece, please show us as many as possible. Make sure the picture or video is clear enough to indicate the problem. Video is often the most effective format.
  4. Any forged, modified or repetitive evidence will not be accepted.
  5. The size of the evidence should be limited to 2MB. If your evidence is oversized, you can upload to Mediafire (http://www.mediafire.com/) and provide us with a valid website link. To learn how to create a Mediafire account and use the site, please click here and refer to "5.Mediafire User Guide".


c) Product returns

If you want to return the product, please confirm the return address with the seller before you ship. If you return the goods without first confirming with the seller, your claim cannot be processed by the AliExpress Case Management Team.

If the seller agrees to bear the cost of return shipping, please negotiate with him/her to reimburse you offline based on your agreement. AliExpress can only process the amount of the returned item after the seller confirms receipt of the item.


3. Tips from the AliExpress Case Management Team

If you accept seller’s latest refund request, please confirm the request in the system. The dispute will then be closed automatically.