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How do I pay with bank transfer(TT payment)

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How do I pay with bank transfer(TT payment)?

When you choose to pay by bank transfer, please follow these steps:

1. On the checkout page, select Bank Transfer as your payment method.

2. In the Bank Transfer Information section, you will see the account information you need to transfer your payment.

3. Please print out the section containing your Bank Transfer Information.

4. Go to your local bank to transfer your payment. Bring the printed Bank Transfer Information and show it to the bank officer before making your payment. Once complete, your payment will be held securely in an account.

5. If the status of your order has not changed to “buyer has paid the order ” 7 business days after you’ve paid, please contact us

6. When using bank transfers, please transfer enough money to cover all banks` service fee. This will ensure that the supplier receives your full payment and will help you avoid monetary loss caused by refunds or disputes.

Note: Please do not transfer payment directly to suppliers. Only transactions made on AliExpress using our service are eligible for Buyer Protection. Learn more about Buyer Protection

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