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FAQs about Boleto

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FAQs about Boleto

1.      What are the fees with this method?


The cost of Boleto Bancário is fully absorbed by the IOF AliExpress and only 0.38% of the purchase amount is charged.


2.      What is IOF?


IOF means financial operations tax rate and is practiced at 0.38% of the purchase price on AliExpress.


3.      What is EBANX?


The EBANX is a payment processor that provides solutions for Brazilians to buy from international websites using local payment methods such as Bank         Payment Slip to AliExpress.


4.      For additional questions where I can talk to EBANX?


You can contact the EBANX via email: support@ebanx.com.


5.      Will AliExpress accept payment directly in Real (R$)? The Real value in my application may be viewed at the checkout?


The products are sold on AliExpress.com are only in U.S. Dollars (USD) but the conversion will be made automatically to Real using the current price of the tourism dollar of the transaction when the billet is generated by AliExpress.


6.      What is the exchange rate used for the conversion?


Converting Dollars (USD) to Real, we use the price of the tourism dollar prevailing at the date of issue of the billet.


7.      How many days do I have to make the payment?


You have 3-5 days to make your payment, depending on the maturity date described in the docket. You must pay the ticket within the period of validity - after this period, the billet will be canceled.


8.      How long until my payment is confirmed on AliExpress?


Your payment should be confirmed within 5 working days. If your payment hasn’t been confirmed within this time period, please contact EBANX at support@ebanx.com.


9.      The value of my application may undergo some change?


The final value of the order is set at the time of generation of the billet on AliExpress.com – this value is not changed, regardless of the expiration date of the ticket.


10.  What happens if I miss the deadline for making the payment?


Your purchase is canceled. You can make the purchase again generating a new billet for this.


11.  How can I cancel the the Bank Payment Slip after quitting the purchase?


The Bank Payment Slip will be canceled automatically after expiration if no payment is made.


12.  What is the minimum payment to use this method of payment?


There is no minimum payment at AliExpress by Boleto Bancário. Boleto Bancário can always be used regardless of the purchase amount.


13.  Is there a maximum value for use of Billet Banking?


Yes, the Central Bank of Brazil imposes a limit of US $3,000.00 (Three Thousand Dollars) per month per person (CPF) in buying through international sites with Boleto Bancário.


14.  If there is any problem with my order and I need to request a reimbursement can I do that if I pay with billet?


Reimbursement may be requested in cases of non-receipt of the product or defective products. To know how to follow the normal process on AliExpress, please click hereProducts purchased through Boleto Bancário can also be reimbursed.


15.  What is the procedure for reimbursement?


Once the dispute is resolved on the website, AliExpress will confirm the reimbursement amount  with Ebanks. Ebanks will in turn send you an email requesting bank details for the deposit schedule.




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