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How does Buyer Protection work?


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Buyer Protection:




Important: You can only submit a refund request for items purchased on AliExpress.com. Also, please keep in mind there is a deadline for opening a case before order completion. The completion time depends on the seller’s guaranteed delivery time. You can find the order completion time in your order details.


How can I contact the seller?


You can contact the seller by:


How do I submit a refund request?


If you were unable to resolve the problem with the seller, you can click the “Open Dispute” button in the Order Detail page. This option is available 5 days after the seller’s shipment. (Note: If the promised delivery time is only up to 5 days, this option is available directly after the seller’s shipment.)


Once you have opened a dispute, you can begin to negotiate a resolution with the seller. If a resolution is not found within 15 days, the case will automatically be sent to our Case Management Team.


To learn more about submitting a refund request, please click here.


How do I file a claim?


If you and the seller cannot reach an agreement during the 15-day dispute resolution period, you can click the Escalate Dispute button in the Order Detail page. This option is available 3 days after submitting your initial refund request to the seller.


By filing a claim, you are stating you have been unable to reach a fair, reasonable agreement with the seller and are requesting AliExpress to mediate the matter. Reasons to file a claim may vary, but include the seller not responding to your requests or refusing to partially refund you for an order sent in an unsatisfactory condition.



Click here to learn more about filing a claim.


How does AliExpress help resolve my claim?


After receiving the claim, AliExpress will review the evidence provided by the buyer and seller during the dispute. Claims will be cancelled if no evidence is provided within the time period set by the Case Management Team. AliExpress will contact both parties during the claim and will make a final decision based on the evidence provided by both parties in a reasonable timeframe. All decisions made by the AliExpress Case Management Team are final.


It is important to provide enough evidence during the dispute process with the seller. This helps the seller judges the situation and resolve it directly. If dispute is escalated to AliExpress, it also allows the Case Management Team to quickly resolve the disagreement.



If I submit a refund request for Goods Are Not Received, will my order still be tracked?


The system will continue to track the delivery status of your order. If the system eventually registers the tracking information as Delivered, it will inform you by email. If you have received your order, please cancel the dispute immediately.


If you find the order is not as described, please modify the reason for your dispute request within 5 days.


How can I protect my purchase?



1.     Before you buy, check the listing. Review the seller's feedback, terms of sale, item description, and shipping and payment methods. Make sure you are comfortable with the appearance and condition of the item and the terms the seller is offering.


2.     Allow enough time to receive an item. Keep in mind the seller needs time to receive and confirm payment and ship the item. Pay attention to the seller’s guaranteed delivery time – you should be prepared to receive the item anytime within that timeframe.


3.     Leave FeedbackLeave honest, fair, factual feedback. This will let other buyers know about your experience with the seller and help keep AliExpress.com a safe place for buying and selling.


More tips to help you avoid some common issues encountered by new buyers:


1. Make sure you understand your local customs policies


It is important to remember that different countries have different customs policies. To avoid customs clearance problems relating to import qualifications or restrictions, you have the responsibility to find out whether the purchased products and the number of products being imported are in compliance with relevant local policies. You should also seek to understand whether the purchased products will attract additional local tariffs or customs duties.


If you cannot complete the relevant import procedures because you require a CE certificate or other related document from the seller, please contact the seller for these documents as soon as possible.


2. Fill in the correct delivery address


To make sure your order will be delivered correctly, carefully fill in your delivery address before making any payment.


'PO Box' is a mailbox. Since most of the products on the platform are couriered in the form of a package, using a PO Box as delivery address will mean your order may not be delivered. Avoid using PO Boxes as a delivery address.


If you need to make any changes to the delivery address after you have made your payment, please contact the seller and seek their written consent first. Make sure you keep the original records of the relevant communications.


3. Quickly make all necessary arrangements for collecting your order when it arrives at the destination


The logistics company or post office will notify you when your order has arrived. Please check the delivery status and your mailbox regularly after you have placed your order. Once you have been notified that your order is ready for collection, please contact the logistics company or post office accordingly.


If you didn't receive your order because you failed to arrange for its collection, the order will be finished.


4. Check your product carefully before confirmation


Logistics companies deliver packages in one of two ways:


Driver/Shipper Release: the logistics company will deliver the package directly to the front or back door of the buyer's address


Signature Obtained: the buyer must sign and acknowledge receipt of the package


Please confirm with the seller your preferred method of delivery. If you choose Signature Obtained, you may need to pay extra fees. Please confirm with the seller on who will bear the cost of the extra fees prior to making payment.


Please check the condition of your package before you sign and acknowledge receipt of delivery to avoid problems relating to product damage or the quantity of products that were delivered. Do not sign and acknowledge receipt of your order if the packaging on the outside has signs of damage.


Please check the contents of your package immediately after signing and acknowledging receipt of delivery. Contact the seller immediately if you discover any further problems.


5. Confirm the return address with the buyer before returning your item


If you need to return an item because a quality issue or because it is substantially different from what was described, please make sure you confirm the return address with the seller before sending it back.


More information, please click here.





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