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Shipping service level

 Dispute Escalated - Processing   
When your dispute is escalated, our system will assign your dispute claim to a case management specialist. Updates to your dispute claim will appear next to the “Status” as shown below.
Dispute Escalated - Waiting for both parties to respond  
After our case management specialist reviews your dispute, they might contact both you and the seller in providing more information regarding your submitted dispute. When and if our case management specialist requires more information from both parties (you & the seller), you will see an updated message next to the “Status” as shown below.
The seller might offer you a proposal in order to resolve your submitted dispute. You can then choose to accept or refuse the proposal offered by the seller. If however, you choose to accept the proposed offer from the seller. The submitted dispute will be closed, and AliExpress will no longer be involved in the dispute.
Dispute Escalated – Investigation Pending
Once the response time frame for your dispute has expired, our case management specialist will then review the dispute.
Dispute Escalated – Waiting for Settlement
Once you and the seller have reached a solution to the escalated dispute, you will be updated with the message as shown below in “Status”