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Communicating with the supplier

Communicating with the supplier

All orders come from the supplier directly, not from AliExpress, so the first – and best – step a buyer can take is to contact the supplier directly. After all, it is the supplier who is not only providing the merchandise, but also packaging and shipping it to the buyer.

More often than not an issue may arise due to a common misunderstanding in the order process by either the buyer or supplier. In many instances incorrect information could have been accidentally sent by either party. No matter the situation, quick and easy solutions may be found by engaging the supplier in open dialogue.

Buyers can contact the supplier via email、leaving messages on Transaction Detail or TradeManager - AliExpress’ instant message service. Please keep in mind that when contacting by either method, there could be a significant time difference between the buyer’s location and the supplier in China.

How To Contact Supplier

1. To Contact Supplier go to “My Orders” on the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). Click on the item in question and the “Supplier Details” will appear on the product page – either on the left- or right-hand side.

Buyer can then choose either email or instant messenger (TradeManager).

2. Leaving messages on Transaction Details: on every Transaction Details page, buyer leaves messages, also seller can reply. We hope seller and buyer can negotiate this way so we can see all the details on our system.

Supplier Communication Tips

Remember There Could be an Easy Explanation

We are all human and thus we all make mistakes on occasion. A purse showing up in the wrong color, a dress in the wrong size, or an order not showing up at all, could very well be due to the wrong box clicked on the website by the buyer or the wrong product pulled from the warehouse shelf. Maybe the wrong address was entered by buyer or the wrong tracking number sent by the supplier. Contacting the supplier to discuss issues may very well lead to a successful, satisfied outcome.

Focus on the Solution, not the Person

Start by assuming your supplier is doing his or her best. Make your intentions to resolve the problem clear. Talk about the situation you want to resolve and potential solutions, not what you think of your trading partner's character. Insults only make the situation harder to resolve.

Think About the big Picture

Rather than getting caught up in the emotions of the moment, remember the goal is to reach an agreeable accord. Both parties benefit from a successful transaction as everyone hopes there will be more in the future. Be flexible and find solutions where both you and your trading partner get what you're looking for.

Do not use Negative Feedback as a Threat

Every AliExpress member has a Feedback Profile. Threatening suppliers with negative feedback usually makes them less cooperative. Only leave feedback once the issue is over.

Open a Dispute (if necessary)

If after discussing the issues at hand with supplier and no resolution can be reached, the buyer can officially go to step "Open Dispute". By opening a dispute, unsatisfied buyers officially list his or her requests to the supplier. While the issues listed in the Open Dispute process are most likely the same ones discussed with supplier in step "Contact Supplier", this allows buyers to escalate the matter and officially request an exchange, a refund, or an additional action to be taken by the supplier.

All Open Disputes are also recorded by the AliExpress Dispute Team in the unfortunate instance buyer and supplier go to step "File A Claim".


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