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Coupon policies

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AliExpress.com has many different promotional campaigns. Coupons may be given out for these promotion events, but coupon eligibility is always based on the rules of each specific promotion.


General Rules for Coupon Use


Coupon rules vary from promotion to promotion, but you can use the following rules as a general guideline:


1. Coupons must usually be activated within the specified promotional period to be valid for use.


2. Active coupons are usually valid for a maximum of 2 months. However, specific promotion programs may specify shorter validity periods.


3. Coupons can be used on all regular items on the AliExpress marketplace unless otherwise specified. If a coupon has a minimum purchase requirement, the amount of the order must exceed the minimum purchase requirement in order for you to use that coupon.


4. Specific coupon use rules vary by promotion. Please read the rules for the relevant promotion for details.


5. Coupons cannot be combined unless otherwise specified; only 1 coupon can be used per order.


6. Coupons can be used on combined orders.


7. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.


8. Coupons cannot be transferred to other members or third parties.


9. If you tried to use a coupon on an order where the payment was not successful, you must wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to use the coupon again.


10. The AliExpress combined coupon can only during an active promotion.


11. In the case of any violation of the promotion rules of Alibaba.com/AliExpress markeplace, laws or regulations, Alibaba.com shall have the right to disqualify all your AliExpress coupons.


12. In the case of any interference with other users’ participation in any coupon promotion or any act against the purpose of such promotion, including but not limited to registering multiple accounts, cheating, winning awards by software, or malicious cash out, Alibaba.com shall have the right to disqualify users for the promotion and any AliExpress Coupons or interests deriving therefrom