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Reporting Feedback Abuse

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Policies on reporting abuse & removing feedback

Buyers cannot remove feedback left by sellers or vice versa; an AliExpress representative can assist with the request. You can report feedback abuse (profane language, libelous or defamatory statements) within 30 days of feedback submission.


For each feedback record, you can only report feedback abuse once. AliExpress will investigate all reported feedback abuse. If feedback abuse is confirmed, the reported feedback will be deleted; otherwise, the original feedback will remain unchanged.

How to report feedback abuse:

  • Sign into My AliExpress
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback (under Feedback); then click Active Feedback
  • Choose an order and click the Report button
  • On the Report Feedback Abuse page, select the type of feedback abuse you are reporting
  • You can provide a detailed explanation of the abuse you are reporting as well as upload images as evidence. When you are finished, click Submit

How to check the progress of your feedback abuse report(s):

  • Sign into My AliExpress
  • Go to Transactions, click Manage Feedback
  • Click the View Your Feedback Abuse Reports link

Remove Feedback Policy

If buyer/seller report feedback abuse within 30 days of feedback activation, the feedback will be removed in the following instances:

  • The feedback is unrelated to the transaction
  • Uses improper language, or disclose the personal information
  • The feedback is left by competitors on purpose
  • Use of negative feedback to get the extra benefits
  • Others(Should provide the evidence to prove it)