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How do I file a claim?

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1. I have not received my order. What can I do?


The orders on AliExpress are protected by Buyer Protection. If you don’t receive order, please try below several methods to solve the issue and protect your payment:


Step 1. You can track the order with the tracking number offered by seller:


Go to "My Orders" > Locate the order > Click "Track Order"


If you find the tracking number is invalid, it may be because the shipping company needs 3 to 7 days to update the shipping status. You can also contact seller to get more shipment information, and recheck the tracking number. You may leave a message on order detail page or click "Contact Seller" to chat with the seller online.



Step 2. If the seller don't help you or the problem is unable to be solved, please open dispute within Buyer Protection to protect your payment. You may click here to learn how to open dispute. If you already opened dispute, you will find "Dispute in Progress" in "Refunds & Disputes" Section. Please click the tag to check the latest status of your dispute.




Step 3. If the problem still cannot be resolved and the Buyer Protection already run out, please click here to contact Customer Service team for further assistance.


2. The product I received is not as described. What can I do?

If you are not satisfied with the product you received, firstly, you can have an open communication with your seller and agree on a mutual refund solution. To contact the seller, you may click Contact Seller to send a message. As your orders on AliExpress are protected by Buyer Protection, you can also open a dispute within Buyer Protection time with steps below:


Step 1. Sign in and click on "My Orders" and locate your order


Step 2. Click the "Open Dispute" button



Step 3. Choose "Refund Only" or "Return & Refund"



Please be advised to open a dispute before the Buyer Protection run out, or the order will be completed.


If the seller agrees with your dispute, or he/she doesn’t respond to it within 5 days, the refund will be processed as your request. You can click "Dispute in Progress" on order list to check the dispute’s status.


3. I cannot open dispute. What can I do?


We are sorry to hear that you are unable to open dispute for your order, please check below possible reasons:


1. Please check the Buyer Protection time.


Please note you can open a dispute on the 11th day after seller has sent out the goods and within 15 days after the order finished.


2. Please check the content you filled in the dispute form.


The dispute form allows non-Chinese characters. Please remove all the Chinese characters and punctuations in the form.


3. Please check the attachment you uploaded.


The attachment for the dispute form should be jpg, jpg, bmp, gif, png and each document should be less than 2MB. Please note that word, excel and other attachments are unable to be supported.


If you already add attachments but still receive 'Please add attachments', please compress the picture and upload again.


Note: if you have reached an agreement with the seller or the order is completed, you will be unable to open dispute. We would recommend you to contact the seller to reach an agreement.


4. How do I speed up my dispute?


After you open dispute, you can find the progress of the dispute in the account:


Step 1. Sign into "My Orders" and locate your order in "Refunds & Disputes"


Step 2. Click "Dispute in Progress"



Step 3. Check the dispute status and negotiate with the seller directly.


The seller should respond to your dispute request within 5 days, and you may receive results below:


1. The seller approves your request


2. The seller neither approves nor rejects your request within 5 days


In the above situations, your request will be processed as your request.


3. The seller does not approve your request, and provides a new solution.


In this situation, you can approve seller’s request, if you are not satisfied with seller’s solution, you can modify your solution to negotiate with seller.


5. How do I add evidence or respond to my dispute?


To respond to your escalated dispute, please follow the steps below:


Step 1. Sign into "My Orders" and locate your order



Step 2. Click "Open Dispute"



Step 3. Answer the following questions and then click on "Browse" or "Add Video" button to offer evidence, and click on "Submit" button.



Step 4: If you have uploaded evidence, you can also find proof section to remove or add new evidence.



Reminder: Please send only jpg, jpeg, bmp or png formats (2MB max per upload).


6. What is Domestic Returns?


Domestic Return is an extra return policy that sellers may choose to offer on AliExpress.com. Products which fall under this return policy can be returned domestically, as long as they are unused and in the original packaging.


To learn more about Domestic Return, please click here


7. How do I use Warranty Service?

To protect your device, you may choose One-Year Warranty when you purchase online. With this service, you are able to enjoy repair or replacement services in your very own country.


Currently, we offer phone warranties for buyers in Russia, Spain, Germany, and the USA; and Tablet warranties for buyers in Russia.


To learn more about Warranty Service, please click here


8. I received goods after get refund. What can I do?


In case you receive item after the system process refund to you, please contact the seller and clarify the issue. You may return the refund to the seller's personal account or negotiate other solution with the seller.


To contact seller, please leave a message on order details page, or click "contact seller" to chat with the seller online.


9. How do I cancel dispute?


To cancel dispute for your order, please follow the steps below:


Step 1. Sign into "My Orders" and locate your order in disputes



Step 2. Click "Cancel Dispute" button to cancel the dispute


Just a kind reminder, when you cancel dispute, if the Buyer Protection already run out, the payment will be released to the seller. Please double check whether the dispute was solved before you proceed with the cancellation.



10. When will I receive refund?


The refund caused by order cancellation, refund agreement or mediation will be process instantly from AliExpress account. However, since the banks need some time make clearance, you may need to wait for 3-15 business days to receive the refund.


Why the refund is not received?


If you haven't received a credit for your return yet, here's what to do:


Credit Card Refund and Debit Card: you are advised to check if the refund is made to your USD account. Also, please check if it has been transferred into your local currency.


In addition, please note that some banks may need time for fund settlement. This procedure will also depend on your bank's correspondent relationships.


Bank Account Refund: to check if your refund account is correct. If the account is incorrect,


There may be some processing time before the refund is posted to your account.


11. I am not satisfied with dispute result. What can I do?


After you open dispute, you will be able to check dispute result on dispute detail page:


Step 1. Sign into "My Orders" and locate your order


Step 2. Click "Dispute Finished"



Note: If it shows "Dispute in Progress", it means your dispute is still being processed. Please negotiate with the seller or check the notification from AliExpress Case Management Team in time.


Step 3. Check your dispute result on dispute detail page. You will find "Refund Amount" on "Dispute info" section.



You are also able to find check "Dispute History". The latest record indicates the refund amount, and why the dispute finished.



Step 4. If your dispute is closed by AliExpress Case Management Team but you are not satisfied with the result, you can tell us your problem though Dispute Survey within 15 days or you can click "Appeal" to appeal for the result within 7 days.