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AliExpress Intellectual Property Rights Protection Policy
(Updated on Jan.21, 2015)

  1. Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Users of www.aliexpress.com shall not be allowed to commit intellectual property rights infringement on the website.? Types of infringements include:

General infringements:

  1. Unfair use of trademark rights or copyrights in product descriptions, store names or hyperlinks; or
  2. Unfair use of trademark rights, copyrights or patent rights on offer or sale of products; or
  3. Product descriptions or other information that confuse or mislead others.

Serious infringements:

  1. Offer or sale of printed matters, audio and visual recordings or software without permission of the copyright owner; or
  2. Offer or sale of products not authorized by the trademark owner or the licensee.

B. Penalty of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

C. Corresponding Penalty