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How is feedback measured?

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How is feedback measured?

The AliExpress Feedback System has a number of different feedback indicators. Each is indicative of a different type of feedback information. 

1. Star Rating

Star Ratings indicate the level of Member satisfaction completed transactions.


5 Stars = Excellent
4 Stars = Good
3 Stars = Fair
2 Stars = Poor
1 Star = Very Poor

5 and 4 Star Ratings are defined as positive feedback; 3 Star Ratings are defined as neutral feedback; 2 and 1 Star Ratings are defined as negative feedback.

2. Number of Ratings

The Number of Ratings is the number of Star Ratings a Member receives over a given time period.

3. Feedback Rate

The Feedback Rate is a percentage of each type of feedback a Member receives for a given time period. Each member has a Positive, a Neutral and a Negative Feedback Rate.





4. Feedback Score

The Feedback Score is the sum of all Star Ratings after they have been converted into points.


5 Star or 4 Star Ratings = +1 Point
3 Star Ratings = 0 Points
2 Star or 1 Star Ratings = -1 Point

5. Average Rating

The Average Rating is the sum of all Star Ratings divided by the total Number of Ratings received by a Member over a given period of time.