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Shipping service level

Shipping service level

What is Shipping Service Level?

AliExpress has divided our shipping methods into three levels based on different delivery time, price
and service. They are as follows:

Expedited Shipping: Seller may use DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, or SF for this service level.

Standard Shipping: Seller may use EMS, ePacket or DHL Global Mail for this service level.

Economy Shipping: China Post or HongKong Air Mail and Air Parcel for this service level.

Expedited Shipping is the fastest but shipping costs are also the highest. Conversely, Economy
Shipping has the cheapest shipping fee but the longest shipping times. Standard Shipping has
moderate prices and shipping times.

What are the benefits to buyers?

Buyers simply select their desired service level and AliExpress sellers will choose the appropriate
shipping company within that level. As an added benefit, orders with products from the same seller
can be combined to reduce shipping costs.

How to choose Shipping Service level?

In your shopping cart, you can choose the shipping service level for every order.

Once the logistics service level is selected, the seller will send the goods using one of the available shipping methods within that level.


If buyers have a specific shipping company they want to use, they should negotiate with the seller
and come to an agreement before shipment. Otherwise the seller can choose any shipping method
within the shipping service level.



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