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How do I avoid spam/phishing emails

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How do I avoid spam/phishing emails?

What is phishing email? A phishing email’s sender appears to be one of the people in you contact list. But it is actually from a phisher who was able to phish or hack your contact’s email address.  A phishing email can contain an attachment that if opened can release a Trojan with a key logger into your hard drive. When active, the key logger copies anything you type like email accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, etc for say PayPal, eBay, Amazon and more. These data is then sent to the phisher that he can now use for his own benefit.


Some sellers ask you to go to a website which can track the shipping but need to log in as your account and password

Once you log in , the seller can get your account and password . And your money will be stolen.

Safety Tips:

l   Avoid to click any links that seller give to you. 

     Don’t log in any website which need to input your account and password.

l   To get familiar with Aliexpress website links and keep them to your favorite list.

l   If you have any doubts about the the link, you can report the case to AliExpress.