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How do I cancel an order?

How do I cancel a paid order?

You can cancel your order before the supplier ships the order. You also need to contact the supplier and reach an agreement to cancel the order. To cancel your order online:


1. Sign in to My Orders

2. Click on the order you want to cancel

3. Click 'Cancel Order'




(If you choose the first or second reason, the order will be cancelled due to buyer's fault and the supplier will not be punished. However, if you choose any of the other reasons, your supplier will be punished and the related product will be removed from AliExpress.)


If an agreement is reached, the supplier will not ship the order and the transaction will be cancelled automatically.


If no agreement is reached, the supplier will continue to ship the order.


Tip: To ensure the correct items are ordered, we suggest that you read the products' detailed description carefully before ordering. If unsure, you can also chat with the supplier in real-time by clicking 'Chat now' or send them a message by clicking 'Contact now'.
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